On 13th Aban (4th November) Ministry of Oil and Gas, Mr. Zangeneh, paid a visit to Turbotec and OTC group’s modern shops of manufacturing IGT25 parts including the combustion chamber, core engine and packaging.

– Founded in 1379, OTC has been pursuing the aim of playing an effective role in transferring technical knowledge of producing turbo-compressors to Iran.

– The group soon started co-operating with a venerable European company to reach that target and is now working with more than 70 other Iranian ones, which has led to the localization of manufacturing turbo-compressors and turbo-generators.

– Thanks to the knowledge of its engineers, OTC is now able to produce all parts of IGT25 in Iran and has delivered 150 of these engines along with 210 compressors of 36 different types to its customers.