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Considering the fact that combined cycle power plants in Iran are currently within their 3rd decade of operation, it is mandatory to have a comprehensive plan of upgrading and renovation. This issue has been thoroughly reflected in upstream strategic documents, both in national and in the Ministry of Energy level. In other words, based on Iran’s 1404 vision policy as well as the strategic documents published by both Ministry of Power and Niroo Research Institute regarding the Roadmap of combined Cycle Power Plant renovation in Iran, upgrading in three aspects of life, efficiency and power, not only requires engineering, procurement supply chain management, commissioning and implementation, but also advanced technology especially in those plants equipped with GE Frame9. In the published strategic documents of NRI, the depicted roadmap intends to uprate the combined power plants equipped with MS9001E considering 3 different aspects,

  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Power and Efficiency
  • Life and Endurance

The proposed project is expected to cover these aspects for some specific combined cycle power plants based on the employer preferences. It is worth emphasizing that this proposal is a direct response to those roadmaps.

Bearing in mind the aforementioned issue, this proposal intends to make an infrastructure for decision makers to choose the best uprating scenario for each specific power plant utilizing MS9001E gas turbine. In the first phase, a feasibility study will be conducted considering both economic and technical aspects for various upgrading scenarios and by taking into account the requirements of each power plant. In this phase, the operation, maintenance, repair and refurbishment of MS9001 since the first commissioning time should be collected in order to accurately define the potential and weakness of the aforementioned equipment.

Costumer requirements, indeed, could be categorized as:

  • Efficiency upgrade in order to decrease the greenhouse effects and reduce the O&M cost
  • Increasing power to reduce the cost of electricity
  • Emission reduction especially CO and Nox
  • Repair and maintenance interval extension
  • Improving Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Flexibility (adding fast start option, fast loading and fuel flexibility)

Economic and technical evaluation will be done for various scenarios and eventually establish a scoring framework for various criteria such as time, cost and risk which will be applied in scenario prioritization.

It should also be mentioned that all the upgrade solutions could be categorized in two distinguished sector, the former one is software improvement and the latter one concerns the hardware upgrades. The ultimate upgrade potential, therefore, could be attained thorough software and hardware combination. In addition, each upgrade solution has its own requirement, planning, time table, work breakdown structure, cost, and risk analysis. The proposed solutions could be prioritized based on the aforementioned criteria. Finally, the TOPSIS approach is applied to reach the best scenario and make the final decision. The whole duration of project is estimated to be approximately 30 months including around 14000 man-hours. The total estimated cost of this project is around 15,000,000€ + 120,000,000,000 IRR.



The main objectives of this proposal are as follows:

  • Conducting a comprehensive study to identify all possible upgrading solutions considering both performance (power and efficiency) and life in order to not only extend the combined cycle power plant lifetime but also to uprate its performance factors such as power and efficiency.
  • Conducting a deep investigation on history of installation, operation, maintenance, repair and renovation since the commissioning till now.
  • Conducting a survey to identify the ultimate upgrading potential for whole systems as well as each module.
  • Pre-conceptual and conceptual design for various upgrading scenarios
  • Conducting a comprehensive risk management plan specifically for each upgrading solution
  • Identifying the most important and the most beneficial companies that could provide spare parts as well as technical and consultancy services and eventually establish the supply chain companies.
  • Develop and define the upgrading project planning, work and cost breakdown structure, scope of each activity and control project plan
  • Economic evaluation of each scenario and estimate the cash flow, capital cost, annual revenue and Internal Rate of Return specifically for each scenario.
  • Establishing an infrastructure to design upgrading scenarios and choose the best one to make an appropriate decision for each Iranian combined cycle power plant equipped with MS9001E.
  • Procurement, repair, refurbishment of the previous parts, sub-assembly and the whole engine.
  • Assembling, pre-commissioning and commissioning for a specified pilot.
  • Transferring technology and knowledge to fill the gap between the level of Iranian gas turbine expert community and the current world level.
  • Test, Verification and validation of the upgraded product during the operation in power plants

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