New Vendor Selection

Vendor Items Project


Complex and exclusive manufacturing technology on the one hand and limited manufacturers on the other, are the main challenges that experts face in this project. Due to the fact that most of these components such as clutch, bearing, IGV actuator, sensors, and fuel valve have exclusive manufacturing technology, no domestic vendor is available. Moreover gas turbine vendor items are usually patented by their original manufacturers in industrial countries. Thus the first priority here is to procure components from different vendors.

Regarding European imposed sanctions, localization of vendor items as well as finding new foreign vendors has become our target. It must be mentioned that most of vendor items of IGT25 gas turbine had only one original supplier.

The first goal of the vendor items project has been to procure all the thirteen subsystems of core engine and four AAC subsystems of IGT25 gas turbine. Replacing vendors of subsystems including five subsystems of bearings, clutch, IGV-A, ignition system, flame detector, sensors, shut off valve, bleed valves, flexible coupling of core engine and starter motor, pressure sensors, fuel valve, oil pump of AAC of IGT25 has been among the major goals of this project. For successful implementation of Vendor Items project, nine technical teams for core engine vendor items, and four technical teams for AAC vendor items have been arranged. Vendor items project started in fall of 2011.


The main objective of the project is to procure IGT25 gas turbine vendor items out of OEM supply chain. After meeting the procurement goals, localization of some vendor items was begun in Iran. UP to now, manufacturing of most of vendor items such as all bearings, clutch, IGV-A and ignition system have been localized in Iran.


The vision of vendor items project is to localize the production of the most of IGT25 vendor items. In addition, the other goals of project are also to design and manufacture the vendor items for next generation of IGT25 gas turbines and also upgraded versions of IGT25 vendor items.