SGT-600 (PC)

Power Concept for SGT-600 Gas Turbine

What it offers

The SGT-600 (PC) or Power Concept is an upgrade of SGT-600 to increase engine performance parameters which makes it possible to increase power output by more than 2 MW. In this design the efficiency can be expected to increase by 1%. In addition, lifetime is extended, all due to a new state of the art 3D design of compressor and reduction in turbine cooling mass flow rates by new materials choice in addition to an optimized design of the cooling and sealing systems. SGT-600 (PC) gas turbines are suitable choices to be coupled with re-bundled gas compressors in order to increase the capacity of gas transportation lines, due to their increased power and efficiency and low added cost to improve performance.

By implementing this upgrade in Pataveh, Dorahun, Dehagh, and Ghom stations, the capacity of IGATIII gas transportation line will increase up to 10%. Total profit due to this upgrade is comparable to the cost of a number of new GT units per year. The upgrade is designed to be implemented in level B or C maintenance plan with an expectation of 10 to 15 days increase in SGT-600 scheduled inspection plan.

Make the most out of the engine!

Increase in Production
Higher Efficiency
Environmentally Friendly
Reliability and Availability
Life Extension

What You Gain


More Power



More Efficiency


  • New design of IGV    and first and second stages

  • New 3D Design Stator Vanes

Combustion Chamber

  • New materials in vanes and blades
  • Cooling system optimized design
  • Adjusting power turbine first NGV

A glimpse into the new design

These modifications can be installed on the gas turbine by investing extra cost for upgraded parts in the maintenance intervals. The main concepts to improve performance are using advanced aerodynamic design in compressor and reducing required cooling and sealing flows in turbine component. Performance improving procedures are executed in compressor and turbine components.


· New design of  IGV,  first and  second  stages  of the compressor

· New design of stators in third to tenth stages of the compressor

These changes result in a 2.5% increase in the compressor mass flow rate and a 0.9 % increase in the compressor efficiency.


Compressor Turbine

· Turbine   materials   improvement   by   using materials casted by directional solidification method

· An optimized design of the cooling and sealing system

These changes in compressor turbine result in a decrease in cooling and sealing system mass flow rate.