NGL3100 Power Plant

What You Need, Where You Need It

Scope of work

NGL3100 plant has been designed and is being constructed by OIEC near the oil production unit of Cheshmeh khosh, a town in Ilam Province. The project has been defined to reach the optimal recovery of C2+ product from the associated gases of North Dezful oil fields that are currently being burnt causing both pollution and noticeable losses of gas revenues. The project includes also a 150MW Power Plant and 230KV AIS sub-station.

OTC recently has been chosen as EPC contractor of the power plant and 230KV AIS sub-station and Turbotec is responsible for plant and GTG package engineering in this project.

This Power Plant consists of 6 units of upgraded IGT25 Gas Turbine Generators, 3 230/11KV Step Up Transformers as main equipment and the balance of plant such as Gas Pressure Boosting Station, Emergency System, HVAC System, Compressed Air System, Power Management System (PMS) and DCS.

The 230KV AIS Sub-station consists of 8 output line and 3 input transformer feeders.

Dehloran Petrochemical Company
Project Management Contractor
OIEC Group
Turbotec Scope
Plant Engineering (Basic and Detail Design) GTG Package Engineering Procurement Engineering Supervision on Installation and Pre-commissioning Supervision on Commissioning and Startup
Project Start Data:
April 2019
Project End Date:
September 2020