Unlimited Pros for GT Reliability Investigation


The reliability module is of management type and allows us to meet the high demands in the market regarding the “lifecycle profit”.

As other valuable abilities of this module, it is good to represent that this tool is a way to identify failure reasons of assets, predict the time of their failure and allocate acceptable economic resources to reduce the frequency of their occurrence and with acceptable certainty. The overall attempt here is to direct the unplanned outages to zero.

Reliability module represents a real view of system’s critical sections and their effects on overall enterprise which is equivalent to giving recommendations to overcome almost all of the problems.

Data analysis analyzes and produces life models of system and components.
Risk Assessment implements a systematic process for hazards recognition, risk estimation and prioritization of possible decisions for decreasing the risk of an acceptable level.
(RAM) Evaluation evaluates the reliability indices of gas turbine (including MTTF, MTTR, Availability and the like) by utilizing various methods such as Cut Set Analysis, Fault Tree Analysis, Reliability Block Diagram and Monte Carlo Simulation.
Root Cause analysis surveys the cause of failures and represents recommended corrective actions as an effective step to stop or reduce failure occurrence.
Optimized management of maintenance activities is able to optimize preventive and corrective maintenance plans of unit by considering whole information about components, utilization and maintenance.

Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics Center provides monitoring and fault diagnostic of Gas turbines with daily checks, automatic alarm notifications with powerful automatic data collection and analysis tools. Continuous remote monitoring and historical trending for practically limitless operating parameters allow a major turbine OEM to formulate recommendations that assist their gas turbine customers in making informed business maintenance and repair decisions. For gas turbines, consistent quality of planned and predictive maintenance over time is essential to achieving superior equipment availability, performance, and lifetime ownership cost. Remote monitoring center also develops new approaches that support plant owners in their optimal asset management solution and keeping power plant’s conditions under control.


Provide connectivity to any facility devices, SCADA/DCS, PLC/Instrument systems, IT devices and Fire and Alarm systems
Reduced downtime by preventing possible damage to systems
Making efficient maintenance decisions to improve efficiency
Determination of actual and historical performance by archiving and analysis of historical data