SGT-600 (MC)

Maintenance Concept for SGT-600 Gas Turbine

What it offers

SGT-600 (MC) or Maintenance Concept is an upgrade of SGT-600 to extend life time and its maintenance intervals of the gas turbines although the output power of the engine and its thermodynamic cycle efficiency will remain the same as before. As this product has been designed to have the minimum design risk the upgrade is based on change of material including some modification in critical parts. More creep resistant poly-crystal materials and Directionally Solidified technology are the solutions to increase the critical parts’ life and extend the mean time between overhauls.

A more sophisticated cooling technique is used to generate a more smooth temperature distribution and lower thermal gradient in combustion chamber.

This upgrade needs a new set of the compressor turbine vane and blades and a new combustion chamber. This upgrade will increase maintenance intervals up to 35000 EOH. Due to less maintenance levels and reduction in downtime the availability increases while reliability is kept unchanged. According to the assessments during maintenance level the life time of the gas turbine can also be extended up to 175000 EOH which means lower life cycle cost for the product.

The upgrade can be implemented in level B or level C maintenance plan of the SGT-600.

Make the most out of the engine!

Increase in Production
Higher Efficiency
Environmentally Friendly
Reliability and Availability
Life Extension

What You Gain

GT life up to

175000 EOH


Maintenance Interval

up to 35000 EOH

Compressor Turbine

  • New materials in vanes and blades
  • Cooling system optimized design

Combustion Chamber

  • New material in Combustion Chamber
  • Improved cooling to have a better thermal distribution

A glimpse into the new design

The main concept of SGT-600 (MC) is increasing the durability of the critical hot parts according to creep damage mechanism. This is done by introducing more creep resistant materials into the SGT-600 as well as changes in the critical parts cooling.

Directionally solidified alloys are used in the blades which give longer life. By improving the coatings as well, longer maintenance intervals are available. Some more changes/replacements in the hot section may be necessary which depends on the assessments prior to the upgrade modifications. This includes the PT diffuser and ring segments.

These changes give longer service intervals between major inspections, and higher availability due to less maintenance downtime in life cycle.