Pipeline Optimization (Turbomachinery)


Recently with the development of gas pipelines in the cities and increasing demand of household and industrial sectors along with growing production of gas refinery plants in South Parse energy zone, the necessity of increasing and optimized usage of existing gas pipeline in addition to high investment in new pipeline procurement should be considered. A feasibility analysis to increase existing gas pipelines’ capacity including hydraulic calculation and precise modeling of pipeline network has been performed in Turbotec and regarding the achieved results a plan of upgrading has been proposed for products.

Depletion compression

Gas depletion is the decline in natural gas production of a well, gas field, or geographic area. In recent years, Iran’ gas well has faced this phenomenon and considering their downstream industries, maximum recovery of gas and decreasing the rate of depletion must be included in the strategy plan. One of the most effective solutions for increasing depletion rate is installing a compression unit on wellheads. Turbotec is thoroughly capable of conducting feasibility studies, designing, supplying and commissioning of wellhead compression units and offshore turbo-compressors packages.