Dynamic Simulation

Analysis of a Mechanical System

Dynamic simulation of turbo-compressor units in gas compressor stations

Compressor systems are widely used in different applications ranging from refrigeration cycles to industrial chemical manufacturing. One such application is a compression unit in refinery and petrochemical plants in order to rich the desired pressure for further applications.


Types of equipment that are utilized here include compressors, heat exchangers, separators and anti-surge systems. Surge is a highly undesirable flow phenomena related to compressor performance in which the compressor can be severely damaged. Since the Surge phenomenon is a system phenomenon which is affected by the arrangement and specifications of the equipment including turbo-compressors, gas coolers, scrubbers, piping, valves, anti-surge, etc. Relevant dynamic analysis should be done to prevent all unexpected dangerous transient behaviors. Designing and testing the stations using dynamic analysis will result in reducing additional equipment costs as well as increasing operation reliability of the unit. Turbotec is one of the few powerful companies in this field offering turbo-compressor systems and in-house models developed by its own experts.


The followings are the most significant projects in this field which have been completed by Turbotec:


Dynamic simulation of a gas compressor station in:
– Unit 106 of Phase 15 and 16 of South Pars plants

– Unit 106 of Phase 17 and 18 of South Pars plants

– Unit 106 of Phase 20 and 21 of South Pars plants


Dynamic simulation of ethane rich gas compression in:
– Bushehr Petrochemical plant


Dynamic simulation of compression in:
– Kangan C2 Recovery and Fractionation Plant


Simulation, design and implementation of the Smart Control system


Dynamic simulation of a gas compressor station based on:
– New gas transfer station design (SEMI HAIRPIN) designed by Iran Gas Engineering and Development Company.