Flare Recovery

Recovering The Waste Gases


Considering the state of the country’s energy supply crisis and environmental pollution caused by flare gases, recovery of flare gases in addition to saving fuel consumption will reduce environmental problems and carbon production. About 10% of the world’s flare gases are burnt in Iran. Moreover, Iran is the third largest flare gas producer in the world after Russia and Nigeria. Iran also holds the seventh place in greenhouse gas emissions from flare, which ranks among the top 10 polluters in the world, including China and India, in producing greenhouse gases, which are the main cause of global climate change. Iran has the largest share in the production of flare gases in the Middle East. In Iran, at least 44 million cubic meters of gas are burnt daily at refineries without any application, which is equivalent to average daily gas consumption in Turkey. Assuming the price of gas exported from Iran to Turkey, the burnt flare gases have a value of seven billion dollars. Apart from its economic damage and the catastrophic environmental degradation, burning this huge volume of flare gases indicate the essential application of flare gas recovery units.

Turbotec Co. is able to carry out feasibility studies and designing gas recovery systems in various fields, including:

  • Recovery and use as:

– Gas turbine fuel

– Fuel for the Gas Engine

– Flare gases for boilers and thermal power plant cycle

– Feed for petrochemical plants.

  • Flare gas recovery and reusing in to the gas refineries