Intelligent Real-Time Ctrl Decisions Optimization


The flexibility module has been designed with the aim of achieving a higher efficiency, more power and increasing overall life span of the engine.  It is an Auxiliary Control System which helps to Improve System Performance parameters by applying the optimum set point to all ambient and boundary conditions. These actions have been controlled and optimized by an adaptive real time engine simulation and a coupled optimizer. The flexibility provides possibility of using MBC (model based control) and avoids unreliable decision.

  • Model Based control Upgrading from schedule-based control to model-based control algorithm.
  • Estimate unmeasurable parameters Employing adaptive real time gas turbine model to estimate unmeasurable parameters
  • Higher operability range Increasing gas turbine operability range through emphasis on control decisions instead of protection decisions.
  • Site specific flexibility Intelligent, online & real-time optimization of life, power and efficiency oriented control philosophies.
  • Minimum fuel Consumption Optimizing the efficiency and minimizing fuel consumption subsequently.
  • Power Management WSTuning control system and changing set points optimally to avoid under firing or over firing status.
  • Reduced Minimum load Reducing minimum load to achieve optimum efficiency and emissions level.
  • Fast Start/Load Optimizing sequences of start and decreasing start and/or load time for having faster start up and loading