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Ignitor is one of the key components in gas turbines with main tasks of ignition, combustion initiation and turning the engine on. IGT25 gas turbine includes two important sections: plug connected to cable and exciter (voltage generator unit). This part seems not to be as complicated as some other parts of gas turbine, However it plays a critical role in performance of the engine.

Despite the importance of this component in the optimum operation of the gas turbine all the ignitors have been supplied from foreign countries so far.

Turbotec Company is the first to generate technical knowledge of ignitor design and manufacturing and to successfully produce IGT25 Ignitor in Iran. This success was based on wide development of design knowledge, completely extended by R&D of Turbotec professionals. Now, Turbontec’s IGT25 ignitor is in service with the best performance.


It is impossible to imagine a rotating part without a bearing. Bearings (both journal and thrust) are critical and sensitive components in rotating parts of industrial gas turbines and aero-engines. They should work under high level of tensions and temperature and even a little operational failure may cause a catastrophe. Hence, access to high quality bearings is very important for manufacturing, maintenance and repair of gas turbines.

Recently, Turbotec Company evaluated five bearings to complete the supply chain of IGT25 gas turbine components. For this reason, after completion of manufacturing knowledge and technical documents, an expert team from Turbotec Company supervised Ghadir Yazd Company during the production steps up to the final assembly stage. Different types of IGT25 bearings were made under Turbotec and Ghadir Yazd joint-venture with comparable quality to the OEM similar parts.


Temperature, pressure and humidity of air inlet play significant roles in output power and operational performance of gas turbines. To control the optimum condition in compressor section and avoid any surge and stall during engine start, specific inlet guide vanes (IGVs) are used to control air inlet mass flow.

Recently, Turbotec experts have evaluated IGT25 gas turbine IGVs and prepared drawings and technical description documents for the first time in Iran. In the first step, design and manufacturing knowledge was generated and completed. In the next step, designed IGVs were built and assembled successfully under Turbotec experts supervision.