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Repair and LTE Department Approach

Generally, main approaches of repair and LTE department include development of refurbishment technology, administration of  all repair processes, quality assurance and delivery terms documentation, LTA/LTE of components, better performance of gas turbine, decreasing time and extra replacement cost of damaged components, etc.

In all steps of repair process of power plant gas turbines such as NGT-150-1, NGT-30, NGT-40, etc. Turbotec co. is responsible for planning and supervising of execution and operational procedures and these steps are carried out through collaboration with other companies. Furthermore, all of the instructions needed for refurbishment procedures have been developed and prepared by the repair engineering department. Some examples of refurbishment processes that have been done by our team members are exhaust diffuser refurbishment of NGT-150-1 gas turbine and development of specific upgrades for hot gas path and combustion system of NGT-150-1.

Upgrading hot section components of NGT-150-1 gas turbine

In addition to carrying out refurbishment processes of hot section components, in order to decrease the wear problem and improving the performance of gas turbines, special upgrades are necessary. Therefore, after disassembly of the parts during overhaul, applying new upgrades may be acquired according to customer desires for performance. Hot gas path upgrades can be supplied as a package or as individual options. Depending upon the option chosen and other manufacturing conditions, upgraded system will show remarkable improvements in component life and extensions in recommended inspection intervals.

Repair process examples performed on power plant gas turbine components are shown in the following figures for NGT-150-1, NGT-30 and NGT-40 gas turbines:

Exhaust diffuser refurbishment
Inspection of bullhorn
Inspection of rotary blades
Inspection of H-Bracket
Inspection of stationary blades
Visual inspection
and upgrading design
of Combustion liner stop
Inspection of Combustion liner
Visual inspection
and Upgrading design
of Flow sleeve stop
Inspection of Transition piece
Visual inspection
of Floating seal and
floating seal slot of TP